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Building Services

Welcome to Building Services, our online toolbox for Tenant Representatives. From building holidays to painting services to property removal authorization, all of the information needed by our Tenant Representatives can be found on this page.

We provide a complete range of services, combining the convenience of a single source for all your maintenance needs with cost effective, high quality building services. If you have any questions or require a service you do not see here, contact Tenant Liaison Janice Kimsey at 617.973.3651.

Our professional in-house staff is available to provide the services detailed below. Requests for all of these services are made by submitting a Service Request or by calling the Service Request Line at 617.973.3255.


Carpentry & Painting Services

  • Repair/replace floor tiles
  • Painting/refinishing
  • Repair broken furniture 
  • Install keyboard trays, shelving, cabinets
  • Hang artwork, whiteboards
  • Repair/replace ceiling tiles

    Custodial/Housekeeping Services

  • Deliver/remove trash hampers
  • Move furniture, boxes, crates, etc.
  • Remove computer equipment for disposal
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Shampoo carpets; buffing/extraction
  • Interior window washing

    Electrical Services

  • Replace bulbs
  • Install electrical outlets, wiring, cabling and data lines
  • Install alarm points, card key devices and door release buttons
  • Reset circuit breaker caused by overload of electrical circuits
  • Repair electronic locks

    HVAC/Plumbing Services

    HVAC services are provided free of charge weekdays 8:00am – 6:00pm and Saturdays by request 8:00am – 1:00pm.

  • Repair/install garbage disposal
  • Unclog kitchen sink
  • Repair refrigerator
  • HVAC service weekdays before 8:00am or after 6:00pm, Saturdays before 8:00am or after 1:00pm by request, Sundays any time by request.

    Shredding and Document Destruction

    Pick up and destruction of documents. (A document destruction receipt can be provided upon request.)


    Tenant Mail

  • Incoming USPS mail for tenant firms is delivered once a day, usually in the afternoon, to the Tenant Mailroom in the B1 area near the Receiving Dock.
  • Outgoing mail should be left on the Mail Dock in the Receiving area. FedEx letter, UPS, and US Post boxes are located outside the Tenant Mailroom.

    Locksmith Services

    Locksmith services are provided by the Federal Reserve Bank Law Enforcement Unit (LEU). The locksmith is available weekdays 7:00am - 3:30pm. For emergency locksmith services outside of normal bussiness hours, contact the LEU Control Center at 617.973.3602.

  • Install locks
  • Open locked doors and cabinets
  • Repair door hardware
  • Duplicate keys

    Mechanical Services

    Repair light office equipment


    Service Elevator

    The Service Elevator is available free of charge weekdays from 7:30am - 5:00pm, on a first-come, first-served basis. It cannot be reserved during normal daytime operations. For large moves or deliveries, service should be scheduled during off-hours and will be charged at the current rates. There is a 4-hour minimum charge on weekends, holidays, or times that are not directly before or after normal operations.


    Landscaping Services

    Our award-winning team can recommend suitable plants for any area, paired with containers to match the style and decor of your office, and suitable for every budget.

    Foliage Plants

  • We can provide a variety of desktop and floor plants that will thrive in every corporate setting. Foliage plants are selected based on the space, lighting and budget of individual office spaces.
  • Plants for credenzas/file cabinets are available in 6”-8” pots (e.g. pothos, aglaonema, philodendron) and 2’ –4’ ft. high floor plants in 10”-12” pot (e.g. fiddleleaf fig, spathiphyllum, aglaonema). Orchids and other flowering plants are also available by special order, as are large plants.
  • Plant Maintenance for new or existing plants.

    Floral Arrangements 

  • Floral arrangements are available in 3 sizes and can be ordered for weekly delivery or for special events. Flower combinations are based on seasonal availability.
  • Custom floral arrangements can be ordered for any special occasion or function. Arrangements are individually priced. We request a one-week notification.


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