Federal Reserve Plaza

Life Safety

Fred Wafula
Environmental Health and Safety Program Manager 

At Federal Reserve Plaza, our motto is “Be smart. Be safe.” Our foremost commitment is to the safety and wellbeing of our building employees, guests and visitors. We have a comprehensive life safety program, including two evacuation drills held each year in May and October, and training for floor wardens. We provide an Emergency Guide to all building staff (also available online) and we offer all tenant firms a safety video detailing appropriate action in a number of possible emergency scenarios.

Call 617.973.3602 to report an emergency or for emergency assistance

Contact the Law Enforcement Unit (LEU) in the event of any emergency.

Evacuation Notification

When an emergency alarm is activated, it is critical to listen closely for the evacuation tone to know if the emergency affects your location. The alarm sequence is:

  • a series of beeps
  • an announcement that there is an emergency in the building; this announcement repeats
  • the evacuation tone, if your floor is impacted by the emergency.

If you hear the evacuation tone on your floor, proceed to the fire stairwell and descend 4 floors or until you reach a floor on which you no longer hear the evacuation tone. Remain on that unaffected floor and await further instructions, or the eventual “All Clear,” via the public address system.

If you do not hear the evacuation tone, it is not necessary to leave your floor. Remain in your location; you will hear further instructions, or the eventual “All Clear,” via the public address system

Do not contact the LEU Control Center for information, as all Law Enforcement personnel will be engaged in the management of the situation. The alarm and public address system are your ultimate information sources.

Emergency Equipment

Fire pulls and extinguishers are located strategically on every floor, and all staff members should familiarize themselves with their placement. AEDs are located near the Fitness Center, at Cafe 600, in the Harborview Dining Room, the Audiovisual Suite, the Conference Center, the Morris Auditorium, the Main Lobby, the basketball and squash courts, and at Harborside Ground Floor.

Role of the Floor Wardens

Floor wardens are assigned for each floor by their respective firms. Floor wardens familiarize their coworkers with emergency procedures, and with the location of evacuation stairs and Life Safety equipment; supervise evacuations; and assign co-workers to assist with the evacuation of disabled persons.

Floor warden training is offered throughout the year. To arrange individual floor warden training, or to make changes to floor warden assignments, Tenant Representatives should contact the Environmental Health and Safety Program Manager.

Assisting Disabled Staff in the Event of an Emergency

Anyone in need of physical assistance should call 617-973-3333 and then proceed to (or be assisted to) the service elevator lobby.