Federal Reserve Plaza


Federal Reserve Plaza Garage

Our underground, self-park garage is controlled by the Law Enforcement Unit (LEU), and is accessed from Congress Street. Parking is available for authorized staff vehicles in designated spaces, and vehicles belonging to handicapped individuals in marked HP spaces. Limited, short term parking is available for guest vehicles, upon approval of the LEU Supervisors, at the top of the entrance ramp. Authorized staff with parking stickers use the by-pass lane to the left of the Inspection Building when entering. All traffic in the garage is one-way, and the speed limit is 5 mph.

Sidewalks and crosswalks should be used for all pedestrian traffic. Entry into the building is made via the elevator near the bottom of the garage ramp. Stairs should be used only in the case of an emergency. Passenger pick up or drop off at the passenger elevators is strictly prohibited; passengers should exit/enter vehicles parked in an appropriate space.


Parking privileges for tenant staff are authorized by their firms, which are assigned numbered spaces according to the provisions of their respective leases. Tenant staff must utilize only those spaces assigned to their company, or they will be ticketed.

Parking Stickers

Tenant Representatives register the vehicles of authorized parkers with the Law Enforcement Unit, providing staff name and company; vehicle make, model, year, and color; registration state and plate number.

Stickers will be affixed by LEU staff, and must be permanently displayed in the upper left hand corner of the passenger side window and the lower left hand corner of the front windshield.

Tenant Representatives should notify the LEU Supervisors if a parking sticker is cancelled due to staffing changes or other reasons. The sticker must be deactivated and removed from the relevant vehicle. Tenant Representatives may request temporary parking stickers for rental vehicles, company guests, or for a temporary employee parking arrangement.

Guest Parking

Tenant Representatives may request guest parking at the "top of the ramp" weekdays 7:00am - 7:00pm, on a first come, first served basis, by providing: company name; visitor name; vehicle make, model, year, and color; registration state and plate number, via email to LEU Supervisors.


Immediately report any incident to the LEU Control Center at 617.973.3602. An officer will issue further instructions as appropriate.

Unauthorized Parking

If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in your space, obtain the sticker number on the vehicle and contact the Service Request line at 617.973.3255. Client Services staff will identify the owner of the vehicle and make arrangements for its removal.

Use of Facilities and Violation Penalties

All staff with parking privileges are responsible for understanding and complying with parking regulations. Incremental penalties for violations are assessed on a rolling twelve month basis and we reserve the right to suspend or revoke the parking privilege of anyone in violation of the garage policies.

Citations will be issued for first violations. A second citation will result in a 3-day suspension of parking privileges. Two further violations will result in a 30-day suspension of parking privileges, and two additional violations will result in the cancellation of parking privileges. No portion of the monthly charge will be refunded if parking privileges are suspended or cancelled. Federal Reserve Plaza may, at its sole discretion and judgment, prohibit individual tenant employees from parking in the garage if they engage in disruptive, destructive or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Security Checks

Federal Reserve Plaza reserves the right to conduct security checks of any vehicle entering, exiting or parked in the garage, if deemed necessary for the safety and security of persons or property, at the direction of the LEU Assistant Vice President. Drivers may be required to open car trunks, glove compartments, tool chests or any other closed containers upon request.


Federal Reserve Plaza is not liable for the loss of or damage to vehicles and/or their contents for any reason other than Federal Reserve Plaza negligence. Individuals who use the parking garage are solely responsible for the care and safety of their vehicles and their contents.

Changes to Parking Policies

Federal Reserve Plaza reserves the right to amend the Tenant Parking Policy at any time, effective after thirty days written notice. In the event of an escalation of the national threat level, the LEU may alter certain procedures, including the inspection of all vehicles.